Columbus NOW

Whether people admit it or not, women are under attack. And not just physical attacks like rape and domestic violence. They’re also attacking our rights. And it’s being done on multiple levels. The reason so many people don’t believe it is not just because the politicians are denying it. It’s because the right wing media is hiding it while they slowly chip away at the legal weapons we have to fight it.

Why would anyone want to redefine rape? Rape is rape. If a woman doesn’t want to have sex with a man and he forces her to, that is rape. If she says no, that’s rape. If he drugs her or gets her drunk and forces himself on her, that is rape. If she is unconscious, she cannot say no, that’s rape. Who’s going to fight this redefinition if we don’t speak up for ourselves and each other? No one will. It’s up to us.

Why would anyone be interested in giving a rapist the right to visitation with a child who is the result of his rape of the child’s mother? So he can terrorize her again, repeatedly, with the law on his side? This would make a woman’s life a living hell. Why would they want to punish a woman for being raped? Hasn’t she already been punished enough? Why SHOULD a man have a say in whether or not a woman can abort a zygote put there by brutality on her body? What makes anyone think they have the right to do so? Who’s going to teach them that this is not okay if we don’t?

We all, but especially women, need to stand up and say human beings are human beings regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, race, creed, or religion and if there is any God given right, it’s to be treated as a human being. That means not only not being called a piece of meat or an animal, it also means not being controlled or manipulated by another human who thinks he is superior. It means not being owned, controlled or oppressed. It means being allowed to make our own decisions about how to live our lives. It means deciding what courses of action are best for us. It means being granted the same rights as every other human.

If you are in the Columbus, Georgia area, and you believe in women’s rights, equality, equal pay, and equal protection for women under the law, please join us in bringing to Columbus a chapter of the National Organization for Women. Let your voices be heard. Contact me on Facebook for details.


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