What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of? I only want to know you. Have you forgotten how friendships are built? Shallow small talk goes nowhere. Strangers make small talk. They know they’re only passing through. Imagine how knowing that feels given what we share and how long we’ve been acquainted.

Is it love that you’re afraid of? I can see why you might be after what you’ve been through. I’ve been on that road too. But have you forgotten that the best friendships are built on love? Remember the first friend you ever had? The one you woke every morning excited to see again? Why? Because you spent time together, talking, laughing at the same silly things and finding commonality. What’s so scary about that?

While we are on the subject, remember the first time a friend hurt you? What did you do? Did you go home and tell Mom or Dad all about it? And after that conversation, did you feel better? So why are you afraid to talk about hurt?

When did life get so complicated? Was it when you stopped talking your way through it? Was it because you started bottling up your feelings? Were you afraid others might take you as weak or less than the tough guy society has told you to be? I would never ask you to chose between your passion and me, but i would ask you to choose between being alone and having someone who loves you in your life. 

Life is about human interaction. If you cease to embrace that humanity, do you give your humanity away? Is that something you feel you no longer need? I’m sorry, but I beg to differ.


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