Be Weird

adjective \ˈwird\
Definition of weird
: of, relating to, or caused by witchcraft or the supernatural : magical
: of strange or extraordinary character : odd, fantastic
weirdly adverb
weirdness noun

Be Weird
Every human being is weird. We all feel that out of place feeling at some point if not all the time. Many of us never really grasp the fact that those feelings are not unusual. The fact that everyone feels them and that our own feeling of detachment does not make us any different from anyone else. And yet we are. Everyone is different from everyone else and that makes us the same as well. That is the essence of the human condition.

That being said, every human finds his own definition of what is normal and what is not. This means that every one of us makes a judgement as to whether or not you’re normal or weird. But what is weird? Weird is anything that is out of the ordinary or unusual or abnormal. But if that’s the case, then what is normal? The truth is that all of these terms are relative. Everything we see and experience is relative to our previous experiences. So when we experience anything that isn’t consistent with that which we have experienced before, we perceive it to be weird. But that perception is based on prior experience. Therefore, weird is anything that is outside of our definition of normal, but my normal may not be the same as your normal. So what’s normal to me may be weird to you.

So we have to ask ourselves with each new experience if the weird or abnormal if a new experience is something we’re willing to attempt to understand or to accept at face value or even embrace as a new addition to our perception of normal.

So when it comes to reconciling whether or not something or someone is weird, we should consider the circumstances and what led to those circumstances or that person’s reaction to those circumstances. Is it weird or is it normal? It could be your weird, AND that person’s normal or vice versa.

And finally, we should consider this. If you have been living your life day to day and starting to feel that its monotonous, perhaps a little weird is what you need to break up the monotony. Perhaps is the ‘weird’ that has been missing from your life all along. Or perhaps it’s weird to NOT have any weird in your life.

Think about it.