A little food for thought

I live in the South where I tend to be surrounded by pro-gun fanatics, or at least that’s who speaks the loudest on the issue. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to eliminate guns in America. And here’s a little secret, very few liberals do. That being said, I want to submit a little something for your scrutiny.

People have gotten far too touchy about guns in America, and it’s getting more dangerous every day. Listen to the conversations going on all around you. It’s gotten to the point that people are terrified that someone’s out to get them, their family members, and their stuff. And it doesn’t help that the economy is bad enough that people are desperate and crime is becoming an option. Well, that or an act of desperation. We just had two robberies not far from here and both of those were gas stations. That’s not including the car and house break-ins. People are arming themselves.

Now I’m not going to tell you that people don’t have a right to do so. But doesn’t it make sense that they should be required to learn how to use the guns they’re purchasing? I mean think about it. What’s scarier than a terrified person with a loaded weapon? And who are they a danger to? ALL of us, that’s who. Themselves, their own families, anyone coming in their house, include babysitters, the kids’ boy and girlfriends, neighbors seeing to the dog while you were on vacation. Hell, even a girl scout selling cookies got shot the other day. (http://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2015/02/05/pkg-girl-scout-shot-getting-ready-sell-cookies.wish)

And NOW, the Supreme Court has decided its okay for police officers to storm into your house without a warrant and without even knocking. Any police officer that’s okay with storming into people’s houses without warning them who they are is either crazy or obviously not considering the mentality of today’s American citizens. Innocent people, both cops and residents are at risk. If they don’t know you from a home invader, you could get shot just as easily as the punk down the street looking for cash and jewelry.

Back up. Just a few steps. THINK about what just happened. How can it be avoided? For one, the home owner is on the defensive. Someone just busted his door down. Wouldn’t it have been safer to knock and say “Police, open up” before putting yourself in harm’s way? The home owner’s blood is pumping, he’s scared and he’s mad at the same time which often cloud’s one’s judgment and makes their trigger finger itchy. And he hasn’t had the kind of training you’ve had so he’s a danger to you. You’re already on the defensive. You’re a cop. But now you have a scared and unpredictable man with a gun to face. So he’s ready to shoot you and you’re ready to shoot him. And he’d have been less ready to shoot you had you knocked and let him know who you are.

And while we’re thinking about the other guy whose house you just broke into, how can we possibly calm him down so he’s not so likely to shoot you? Think, Officer, what makes you more confident in your ability to handle your weapon? Practice? Training? Would you do it anyway, even if it wasn’t part of the job? Wouldn’t it make sense to put the home owner through a training program so that he was more confident and less likely to have an accident with it?

Hopefully he doesn’t have an assault rifle. He could take out you and all your friends and his own family too before he even regained control of such a weapon if he doesn’t have enough training or experience with such a gun. What would you suggest that would help with that? I won’t touch that one any further. I’ll admit, those scare me in the hands of anyone that doesn’t have military training. And even former military could be suffering from PTSD and could hurt someone they don’t mean to hurt. So we’ll leave that for a later date.

Now I know that I just combined the no knock warrant and the stand your ground laws. I’m just endeavoring to coax you, the reader into thinking about what could happen in such a situation. You are not Rambo. You are not Sargent Riggs of the LAPD. Hell, even Rambo and Sargent Riggs aren’t Rambo and Sargent Riggs. That’s all special effects. They make it look good because of the abilities of the editors and cameramen and stunt personnel. In real life, it just isn’t that cool. Ask any real, seasoned police officer who’s ever faced it.

And consider this. That untrained neighbor could be looking at you and thinking he’d have to kill you if you became trigger happy and endangered HIS family in the process of defending yours.